replex f.a.q.

What is REPLEX?

REPLEX is a professional kit designed in two phases, specifically created to reconstruct and protect disulphide bonds damaged during chemical treatments or by exposure to stresses due to mechanical or atmospheric aggressions. The action of its components deeply penetrates into the structure of the hair during a technical service, by preventing and simultaneously repairing possible damage, thus providing nutrition and extra hydration. Replex is an essential working tool, which does not interfere with timing and procedures of your treatments. 

How does REPLEX work?

Replex is a system which revolutionizes the work of the hairstylist in a salon. By using it regularly during technical services, it generates new disulphide bonds and strengthens existing ones, thus restoring optimum conditions of the hair even after the most intensive technical services.

REPLEX is the result of a research that has detected a complex of active principles able to reach directly the core of the hair by releasing their properties gradually and constantly over time, without any external dispersion. With its use, hair will become more elastic, strong and characterized by radiance and long-lasting health. 

What is the difference between REPLEX Stage 1 Bond Building and REPLEX Stage 2 Bond Sealing?

Replex stage 1 is formulated to be added directly to chemical treatments, thus enriching their qualities. During and after every technical service, it repairs and protects disulphide bonds by deeply penetrating into the hair and leaving it stronger and full of life.

On the other hand, Replex Stage 2 is applied directly onto the hair, thus completing the professional treatment. It seals the recently-generated bonds while deeply nourishing and moisturizing the hair, leaving it soft, shiny and silky.

When using REPLEX, does the formula of my color treatment change?

​No. The doses of your mixtures will remain the same, as indicated by the manufacturer. You should only add Replex Stage 1 to the mixture by following doses and indications provided in the section “Instructions for use”. 

What results can I obtain with REPLEX?

​After the treatment, the hair will look healthier, stronger and fuller of life, colors will be more vibrant and long-lasting, regardless of the technical service performed.

What is the client target for REPLEX?

​Each client can benefit from the restructuring properties of Replex. Naturally, it is specifically indicated for clients with hair damage caused by previous coloring or bleaching chemical treatments. Its use is in any case strongly recommended to all clients who are treated with technical services. The use of Replex during every technical service will in fact allow the product to penetrate more deeply, last longer and make colors more vibrant. 

What chemical treatments can REPLEX Stage 1 be used with?

​Replex Stage 1 can be used with coloring treatments (permanent, semi-permanent and direct colors), bleaching, extra-lighteners, chemical straighteners and perms.

How many applications can I perform with a REPLEX kit?

​Considering an average number of treatments including coloring and bleaching, with amounts of 50 and 25 g in order, a kit allows approximately 100 applications. 

Can REPLEX be used alone, as stand-alone treatment?

​Yes, exclusively in salons. If a client’s hair is damaged by previous technical services or any mechanical or atmospheric stress, it is possible to perform a stand-alone restructuring treatment. Replex Stage 1 and Replex Stage 2 should be mixed and applied according to indications provided in the section “Instructions for use”.

What is the difference between SCREEN Replex and SCREEN Repair?

​Screen Repair is an internal reconstructing system in 3 phases, to be used in salons, as well as at home. On the other hand, Screen Replex is a professional kit for exclusive salon use, to be mixed with chemical treatments (or as stand-alone treatment) to protect hair during and after a technical service.

Can heat be used with REPLEX?

​Yes, in case the application of a product (bleach, color, perm, etc…) implies its use. Remember, however, that each chemical treatment is accelerated if exposed to a heat source. Please, be aware as usual.